Is Shiba Inu Coin Uncapped?

Is Shiba Inu Coin Uncapped? Hello Readers, are you still considering whether to invest in Shib Coin? There are many questions regarding its future, volume, resistance, and more. Among them, one question arises Is Shibu Inu Coin Uncapped or not. The answer would be no. Let us discuss why & also if it is wise to jump into bed with Shib now.

Before discussing this question we must understand the concept of what capped and uncapped cryptocurrency is?

Difference between Capped & Uncapped Cryptocurrency

In capped crypto, the supply of coins will always be limited. It means only a certain amount of particular crypto will be issued or mined. For example, Bitcoin is a capped cryptocurrency. It has a supply limit of 21 million BTC. Almost 19 million BTC are already being issued to date.

On the other hand, uncapped crypto is one that has an unlimited supply of coins. For example Dogecoin, today’s favorite Meme Coin. It does not have a cap limit. It can supply unlimited coins. According to reports, the current supply of Dogecoin is about 134 billion. And almost 5 billion Doge are mined every year.

Now Shibu Inu has a supply limit of 1 quadrillion. I know it’s a huge amount of supply, but having a supply limit falls in the category of Capped Crypto. So the answer to our question, Is Shiba Inu Coin Uncapped? That is a definite NO.

Is Shibu Inu a Good Investment?

Let us start with the basics. Many people still believe that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency. They only try to invest in Bitcoin. Putting aside the fact that there are better options with greater yields if played at the right moment. One of them is Shibu Inu Coin. Let us discuss this.

Is Shiba Inu Coin Uncapped?

What is Shibu Inu Token?

Shiba Inu Token, also known as the Dogecoin killer was founded by a developer named Ryoshi in August 2020. SHIB is a token designed to be an Ethereum-based alternative to Dogecoin. Like DOGE, SHIB is intentionally abundant. Its circulating supply is one quadrillion coins.

How is Shib Different from Doge?

Both Shib And Doge have a huge community backing them off. Both are meme coins with an abundant supply of coins. But the main difference is that Shib is based on the Ethereum network, which allows its community to create crypto trading and staking apps like ShibaSwap. Doge however showed a sudden pump after the support of Elon Musk. Shiba Inu has no such celebrity support whatsoever. But if you observe Shiba Inu on regular basis than you will find that it’s constantly upgrading it’s system.

Factors regarding Shib’s Price

As mentioned earlier Shiba Inu coin has a total supply of 1 quadrillion. As of now, almost 549 trillion Shib coins have already been circulated. It’s just above 50% of the total supply. However reports of big Whales investing in Shib are circulated regularly.

The demand for Shib is increasing day by day but due to its huge supply, we are not able to see its pump in the market. On the other hand, token burns were also not being initiated on regular basis. This also impacts its price.

Will Shiba Inu reach higher levels?

There is a positive attitude in the community about Shib’s price. According to recent news, BINANCE has revealed that they are holding 87 trillion Shib tokens as reserves. Which is almost 1.9 % of their total portfolio. This might show a positive impact on its market.

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After this news, Big Whales might plan to create more reserves of Shibu Inu. That might result in demand taking over supply soon in the near future. The lower the supply chain, the higher the price might go. Reports of regular burns are also being discussed in near future. Games are scheduled to be launched in the near future which would increase the burn rate. Plus reports of Shiba tokens as acceptance of payments are also in regulation.

We might not see an immediate price pump for now, but hopefully, in the next two to three years it will definitely give excellent results.

Where to Purchase Shib Inu Coins?

There are many Exchanges that support Shibu Inu these days. You can Go for Coinbase, but being a foreign exchange it is not allowing India to trade right now. But you can keep your Crypto in coin base wallet for safekeeping.

  • WazirX

For Buying Shib in India, I would suggest WazirX. Click on the link to get more info. It’s one of the biggest Crypto exchanges in India. The process is simple enough. When you download its app, customer care guides you on what to do next. You can trade all sorts of Crypto or withdraw to other wallets from it. It is also safe to hold your assets for the long term in WazirX.

  • Sun Crypto

You can also go for Sun Crypto in Playstore. Use 763313 referral code during sign-up and receive 25000 free Shiba Inu Coins plus 50 Bucks worth of Bitcoin faucets. Hurry limited time offer till 31st December 2022.


Overall, you must get the idea that Shib has a future. For me, it is the right time to invest in it for a long hold. And the most amazing thing about it is that you don’t have to invest too much money. You can get Millions of tokens at just about 1000 to 1500 bucks. Currently, Shib is Revolving around the price of 0.0007 INR.

Now let us assume that we are holding 1 million shib tokens which are about 100 to 150 bucks in INR I assume. And looking at the stats Shib is most likely to reach 0.5 INR at the end of next year. That’s an easy 50000 buck for you for an investment of 100 to 200 bucks. What is more amazing than that? This is just a calculation. Be sure to calculate the transaction fee of the exchange before investing your money. My suggestion is to keep your shibs for a long hold to get its full benefits.


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  • How high will Shiba Inu go in 2025?

According to recent stats, things are looking good for Shib. Recent burns and News of Seberium Blockchain has a positive impact on the market. By the end of 2025 experts believe that Shib coins might show signs of $1 growth.

  • How many Shiba coins are available?

The total supply of Shib coins is 1 Quadrillion. Presently a total of about 549 Trillion Shib Coins have already been distributed.


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